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Is a ban on Sirasa TV on the cards?

Watched news on SLRC for the past few days and every single day there was this news item about the wrong footages shown by Sirasa TV regarding that bomb attack.   Is it normal Sirasa bashing that everybody loves or are they laying the groundwork for a ban on STV? The so called National Television has always been more than happy to do the dirty work for the party in power. 

Sure STV is shamelessly biased but this shutting down of every dissent voice is more dangerous than that biasness. And why should a democratic country offer the power to the government to decide who should get the licences for broadcasting and who should not? There should be a national policy and a seperate regulatory commission for this task. Otherwise it is just politics.

One thing that worries me is that recently everybody has started to think and talk in the same way. Others are tagged as unpatriotic. I will end this with a favourite quote of mine.

Where all men think alike, no one thinks very much – Walter Lippmann