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A Lost Revolution? Book by Rohan Gunaratna

A Lost Revolution? The inside story of the jvp is a book, written by the world renowned sri lankan author Rohan Gunaratna, which has created a long lasting impression on me. The book not only contains a very good description of how the jvp was formed and transformed into one of the most feared politico-military groups but also the book tries to investigate the causes that pushed a generation of southern youth into a struggle against the system they belonged. I highly recommend this book for anyone who ever thought why Sri lanka had to go through two uprisings and one war in a short time span of 40 years of independence. Something must have gone wrong somewhere isn’t it?
These are the parting words, taken from the book, of Upali Jayaweera the last politburo member to be killed. “Large numbers have died from this war – policemen, military men, JVP activist and innocents. This is such a waste of human lives. Those who should be responsible for this and those who should be blamed for this are nobody, but the capitalist class of this country.”

It’s not the capitalist class that should be blamed. It is us who should be blamed. We sri Lankans. Every one of us. We keep on failing to address our socio- economic problems. We keep on failing to bridge the gap between Colombo and outstations. We keep on producing a high number of educated men and women but keep on failing to provide them with quality jobs. But most of all, we allow these fake nationalist and patriotic sentiments to distract us away from our real problems.