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Introducing Reegion

Finally it is time to go public on a project I had been working on. Enter Reegion, a social platform for localized content.

In the ocean of Information it is hard to find content with a regional significance. The content could be in the form of News articles, images, videos or just opinion of a person. The best way for this content to be unearthed is to let users share, rank and discuss content they discover. We are here with tools and solutions to facilitate this process.

Reegion is still on beta and works only for Sri Lanka for the time been. We want Reegion to be more featureful and our algorithms to be perfect, until then Reegion would remain on beta. Some features to be anticipated in the near future are popular contents made so by the interaction of the users, joining regions and support for more content types.

Our mission is to localize the Internet experience. We hope we be able to make social discovering and sharing much more fun and there by make the Internet much more useful in the local context. Try out Reegion, flock to your region, promote it and help us localize the Internet.

The best way to follow the progress of Reegion would be to use it (just kidding) or alternatively you can follow us through our twitter updates.

For the technically interested, the Reegion code is written in Python/Django and runs on a Apache/Nginx server.