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When Linux crashes

Yes Linux been another piece of software, gets crashed once in a while. Once I used to work with a Ubuntu machine that after 10 hours of work would always get stuck when trying to shutdown. Luckily for Linux users there are some options before reaching for the power button.

You can use a sequence of <alt + sysreq(Prnt Scrn) + key> to issue commands straight into the kernel even when the system is in a total non responsive state.

For example the following sequence of commands can rescue you from a crash and would execute a safe reboot.

ALT + SysReq + r
ALT + SysReq + s
ALT + SysReq + e
ALT + SysReq + i
ALT + SysReq + u
ALT + SysReq + b

Here you can find what each command actually does.

For the easiness of remembering the commands, the idiom, ‘Raising Skinny Elephant Is Utterly Boring’ is used.

Remember that the above commands would only work when the system is in a non-responsive state. Otherwise it would just throw a bunch of print screen windows at you.


Installing vodafone HSDPA modem in linux

I got a Vodafone(Huwaei) HSPDA modem and installing it in linux was well, not a nice experience. I had ubuntu 7.1 in my computer and I had to install wvdial to get my modem to work in linux. That was not very difficult until I decided to update my system to ubuntu 8.04. Wvdial comes intalled in that version of ubuntu but strangely the modem would not work. I tried many things unsuccefully before i found an easy way out, upgrading the network manager.

If you are planning to use the vodafone HSDPA modem with linux my advise would be to update your OS to the latest version and then upgrade the network manager to 0.7.

In a debian based distribution such as ubuntu you can use the following urls to upgrade the network manager.

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/network-manager/ubuntu hardy main
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/network-manager/ubuntu hardy main

insert the above urls to /etc/apt/sources.list file and enter the command, ‘sudo apt-get update’ to update the update list. Then update the OS using command, ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’ or using update manager and the network manager would be updated to the latest version. Then making a connection using the modem should be straight forward.