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Kareem Amer the blogger who went to prison

Abdul Kareem Amer is an Egyptian blogger who was sentenced to four years in prison for, well obviously having a brain. Kareem first caught the attention of the law enforcement officers of Egypt when he criticized the Islamist violence against Alexandria Christians in 2005. He continued to write in his blog before he was finally arrested and prosecuted on February 22, 2007.

Kareem spoke courageously against what he saw as political repression, religious extremism, and discrimination against women in Egypt. He maintained secular views and often criticized the militancy of Islamic leaders. He also spoke against what he saw as the hypocrisy of his university and his government.

And here is the best part, Kareem was disowned by his own family after he was sentenced to prison. So much so for the so called forgiveness and kindness of religions. 

If this is how they plan to maintain their religious grip on the society i can only predict the downfall of the religion they are trying to save, but certainly not in this century. Maybe people like kareem are the pioneers of what to come in the future. I can only hope so.


My version of freedom

This is my version of freedom.

If a person can act in a way he or she prefers and doesn’t have to be concerned about being frowned upon or
being prosecuted, that person is free.

There are two aspects to this freedom.

First the socio-economic conditions in the society must be positive.
For example if a person is struck with poverty he can’t live the way he prefers. So it is very important, a society is prosperous and I think it could be called as the financial freedom.

Then the person should be able to act upon his will without worrying about the reactions of the society.

Now you must be asking, shouldn’t Rules and customs exist in a society? YES YES YES they should. But they should only exist to protect one group of the society from another. Not to burden the lives of people.

Knowing or not, freedom is the thing we value most. But we tend to take it as granted. We only realize the
value of it when we lose it.

When someone else’s believes or traditions effect our freedom we object immediately, but when our believes
or traditions effect another ones freedom we come up with varies excuses.

When shall we create a society where everyone can live the damned way they want?

Let me have one last say. This is something i really want to shout aloud, walking around. When it comes to
freedom never be content. No matter how you feel the society is free and perfect someone can be out there
with his freedom taken away.