Over to you Sirasa TV

So the Sirasa got attacked and there is nothing for us to be astonished about this. That is the direction where the country is heading right now it would continue to do so for some time. No don’t go away this is not about media freedom, I know you are fed up with that debate. We all are.

Whether we hate sirasa or not we would have to live with the fact that Sirasa TV is the best when it comes to the marketing game within local media organizations. So maybe sirasa TV could use something like ‘පැත්ත ගියත් අත්ත කියන සිරස’. As they would say, over to you Sirasa TV.

One quick quick note. I don’t think media organizations should enjoy any more freedom than ordinary citizens. But we must strive for a society where freedom is enjoyed to the max by every citizen, and that includes media personal.


One response to “Over to you Sirasa TV

  1. Dear Friends,

    Lasantha died fighting for your right to know.

    The time has come to let the Government know that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

    Will you stand up and be counted or will you sit and wait till the wolves come for you?

    Don’t just argue online. Come together tomorrow (9th) at noon in front of Lake House. Let us show this Government that the people are serious about democracy.


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