Steve Bucknor

Mr Steve Bucknor must go. His time is over. He is struggling and has been struggling for years now. He gave a horrible decision against Mahela today. It was very evident that he was not confident, not at all. If you can put up a straight face and appeal confidently as if it is supposed to be a straight forward decision you can make bucknor raise his finger. That is exactly what Shakib Al Hasan did. Mr Bucknor first started to shake his head at Hasan and then presto, his finger was up.

This has been like this for years now. Steve Bucknor pretends that he is thinking hard(even for the most straight forward decisions) and all of a sudden he gives his decision and his decisions hasn’t been the most acurate ones. Steve Bucknor has been like a legend. I would say it is time for him to call it quits, or at least the ICC should.


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