Hands off petroleum please

We have a petroleum economy. In short if we are to run out of petroleum this moment the whole system would collapse. The importance of fuel is such but what does our government do? It creates a monopoly for petroleum products and grants it to a private company(ex shell) or keeps the monopoly to itself. Not to stop at that the government has imposed a criminal tax on petroleum. That means the whole economy would have to bear the high costs of the petroleum sector. Every  Sri Lankan product or service that uses a petroleum product, that means a huge majority of products would have an cost disadvantage against foreign products. Cost of living would be higher, that means increased salaries for people and that is another spiral of costs for the economy. A cost increase in the petroleum sector would not stop at it, it would have a spiraling cost effect on the whole economy. That is why it makes perfect sense to cut down taxes on petroleum and make cheap energy available as much as possible. The consumer affairs authority would never act on behalf of the people on this matter because the corporation in question is on the government side. That is why i guess the Supreme Court had to intervene.

I guess the lost taxes would have to be collected from somewhere else and at the same time government expenses should be cut. Before the government reminds us through its pacha wahini that we need to pay taxes there are many expenses to be cut from the government side. For example do we know how much advices our president has or our ministers have or at least the salary and benefits of a adviser? A majority of these advisers could be removed because normally an adviser means family, friend or a lost politician. Again our president doesn’t seem to be someone who listens does he? Building that mega Airport in Hambantota is a good example as to why Our president doesn’t need any advisers, either he doesn’t listen to anyone or there is no one to point out the uselessness of the project. This is only one thing, we all know where the cuts could be made.

Those who lobby for a manufacturing economy or a strong national economy should be critical on the governments ineffiecient handling of the petroleum sector and electricity sector through CPC and CEB. You can’t have both, it’s either cheap energy or cost disadvantage for our products. So yes rather than coming up with the all too familiar cheap conspiracy theories bring down the price of petroleum as the SC demanded and then make sure cheap energy is available.


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