why do some democracies fail

This is written after coming to the conclusion that our parliamentary democracy lags behind other major democracies. This is not about ignoring the progress we have made but about concentrating on the things we have missed out. So why is that some parts of the world have successful democracies while some parts
are struggling to make progress?

The only reason i can think of is our people were not ready for a parliamentary democracy. At the time when we got this democratic system our people did not demand for such a system nor did they fight for one. Only the western educated leaders at that time lobbied for democratic reforms. The only thing the  ordinary man wanted was to get rid of the alien ruler. So the thing that happens when you get something you didn’t demand and you don’t understand happened to our democracy, people misused it. Whole ideas of democracy were originated and evolved in the west through many struggles, debates and uprisings. When our countries were transformed it should have been done in a slow and iterative manner.

This is the theory i could arrive at after all those times of thinking. As far as i can see most of the countries that were given a model of democracy by colonial rulers were slow to adapt to it(in some cases it was a disaster) while those countries that were transformed slowly by themselves made steady progress.


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