They said that I am a libertarian – who would you be?

There is this political quiz which is supposed to be the worlds smallest political quiz. It has 8 simple questions which are divided into personal matters and economical matters. Once you have answered the 8 questions it would show you your points and list your political ideology. This is really nice you should try it out.

Ok then it comes to my libertarianism. I was said to be a libertarian by the quiz. I don’t identify myself as a libertarian. No way. I would place myself between liberalism and libertarianism. I believe in the individual liberty. I believe that what humans do with their lives and property is their individual right. I believe in a society where people tolerate the behaviour of others and accept that the society could be different from the way they like it to be. I believe that the free market economics would deliver us prosperity.

But I’m not naive enough to think that taxation by the government is theft, I’m not stubborn enough to believe that the government is always bad in business, I’m not self deceiving enough to believe that the society is equal in opportunities. Ron paul once, in a ‘google candidate interview’ came up with the idea of abolishing the income tax. No wonder the Navy man won the candidature(I have high respect for Ron paul, probably would have supported him if I was an US citizen. I support obama considering the historical aspect).

Anyway the libertarians managed to get me into their side, in the quiz that is. What was your result?


5 responses to “They said that I am a libertarian – who would you be?

  1. So it would make one naive to consider the fruits of ones labor is own? Despite the fact that the IRS code sets up a “voluntary” tax system, if you vehemently insist on keeping our own money, they will eventually come to you and take you to jail with weapons pointed at you.

  2. The “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” is a promotional tool for libertarianism, not an objective assessment of one’s political orientation. There’s more to any political ideology than a short laundry list of discrete issues positions.

    That’s not to say it isn’t useful — it’s certainly a great conversation-starter and can be helpful to individuals in getting a “ballpark” political self-description. Which is a pretty good thing, if it’s followed up with a focus on principles that clarifies where one is — or perhaps ought to be — politically.

    I’d personally rather work with a “liberal” who knows that’s what he is, on issues we agree on, than with someone who’s been led to believe he’s a “libertarian” but keeps trying to carve out exceptions because he doesn’t understand the meaning of the term he’s applying to himself.

  3. Kasun Herath

    Mike, no matter how hard you want to believe, opportunities are not equal in this world. It is the government’s job to make sure that opportunities are given to everyone equally(at least it should try). Once that is done fruit of your labor is yours. I know for sure that everyone didn’t get the opportunities that i got. So I am willing to pay something back.

    Thomas, i would rather work with someone who understands issues rather than with someone who is trying to justify the term he is using to describe himself. These terms are very dangerous, just like religions. Once you want to call yourself a ‘liberal’ or a ‘libertarian’ you lose your common sense. From then on you are just a blind follower.

  4. Centrist. But I don’t know many political terms in the quiz. Generally I am not that interested in Politics

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