Pretty stupid Dollar

Hell yeah I am talking about the US Dollar, not the Zimbabwe Dollar.

That is what it says in every US Dollar note  in the back side. “In god we trust”

What is this obviously religious slogan doing in a national currency note? What about all the people who don’t believe in Christian god? Isn’t US supposed to be a multi cultural society?

Maybe this is a good sign to indicate that the Liberal era is over in US.


11 responses to “Pretty stupid Dollar

  1. What gave you the impression that is the Christian God?

    Anyway, I heard recently God called US and ask them to take off his name from the dollar bill because he don’t want to associate his name with dollar any more – it is way too low for that.

  2. galleblogger

    i’d be more scared about the piramid on the left, search it.
    btw in dog (no pun intended, lol) we trust was first printd when? under what circumstances? why? a bit like the all pervading wheel, no?
    p.s. if u don’t like them, don’t buy them, buy rupees hahahahahh! indian or lankan that is, hahhhah

  3. The slogan has been on currency for a very, very long time. It was added long after the original formulation of the United States but it’s been in place for many decades.

    If anything the “Liberal era” has to some degree been increasing along with the presence of atheists, polydeists, others who are sick of being stuck in time.

  4. Kasun Herath

    sam, it can’t be about the Hindu god could it? Anyway this is what i found in the link posted by sean.

    “Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase received many appeals from devout Christians throughout the country, urging that the United States recognize God on United States coins”

  5. Kasun Herath

    galleblogger, yes i know that it is none of my business. But US is one of the first countries if not the first to understand the importance of separating the state and religion. Just would have been thrilled if it continued that way.

  6. Kasun Herath

    thanks Sean for link. So is it the national motto of US? I didn’t know that. It is even worst.

    Good to hear the increase of atheism and all that. But what if McCain or Obama says that they would change the national motto. Would he have a good response? Why are people like Bush are been elected?

    I don’t have the exact picture. But isn’t countries like Spain progressing more than US?

  7. The-Benevolent-Dictator

    Machang, the US is one of the most conservative countries. It is only liberal in the cities but in the interior (South, Bible Belt etc) the people are deeply religious and conservative.

    Yes, they separated religion and state but thats not the case in practice. US Presidents take their Oath with one hand on the Bible. No atheist is ever going to be elected President.

  8. //“Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase received many appeals from devout Christians throughout the country, urging that the United States recognize God on United States coins”//

    How about if that is one of the master plan of Allah or Shiva? One day Shiva wake up and wanted to make a practical joke on Americans and he make all the Christians in US to do that? And now he is laughing about that with Vishnu?
    Quite possible.. isn’t it?

    But been serious – religion also represent other things too. For an example, Indian lion embalm is from the Buddha’s birth place – but that do not mean India is a Buddhist country.

    I really doubt when my mother said ‘God bless you’ or something similar to that, (George Carlin always used to say God bless, even when he is joking about that term) that do literary mean God stop all his daily activity such as looking at woman taking bath and come there to bless me. But it is a way of expression. I believe it is same with the term “in God we trust” too. It is not like, some American go to the bookshop to buy a map book for his six year old daughter and see the dollar note and realize it is not right for him to buy a map book because it says world is not flat, contrary to the bible.
    But again, America was not a liberal country to begin with. America turns in to somewhat liberal country after 60s, with the LSG, Beatles and other movements. US separated state and religion not to protect the state, but to protect the church in the first place.
    I think you are quite correct. Countries like UK is much more liberal (and free) than US. Hollywood is very liberal place, and we outsiders thinks everywhere in America is like Hollywood. But the truth of the matter is, more Americans dislike Hollywood liberals.
    If you really wanted be disappointed about America, don’t look at the God they trust (which is the Dollar), but rather look at things like attempt to teach creationism in school under Science. And recent amendments to science books, stating Evaluation theory is not proven and just a one theory among other explanations or the Ten Commandments in the Supreme Court or million of dollars spend teaching kid’s abstinence. And worst of all like 5 presidential candidates said, they do not believe in evaluation.

  9. Kasun Herath

    yes not only an atheist but a non christian wouldn’t be able to be the president of US.

    /”US separated state and religion not to protect the state, but to protect the church in the first place”/

    who says that, maybe conspiracy theorists. Thomas Jefferson was mainly responsible for the separation of state and religion in US. He wasn’t a much of a fan of religions. He was even accused of been an atheist when he was not. It is said that some even hid they’re bibles fearing Jefferson’s government would destroy the bible.

  10. Indeed Jefferson did. His intention was, the way he put it, chases those foxes (color people) in to Rocky Mountains and build up the empire. And he didn’t want to have the bible on its way – converting color people in to Christians and treat them as men and all that crap. But Jefferson is not the only one who involved in building founding the empire (as GW said it). Well, it is a reasonable argument they wanted to separate the church, so people like Jefferson do not have jurisdiction on it. Anyway, early America is ideologically deferent than what it is now, but structurally same. I think American become a liberal place because of Porn and LSD and King Jr. And now people like Bill Maher can talk any shit about religion in America – kind of freedom we don’t have in SL.

    Yes, you are correct. None Christian could never be the president of US. That more to do with intelligence (or lack of it) than faith. A one woman I met, really believed Indians born with a dot on their forehead (I’m not joking). So as you can see, Atheist even don’t have a chance in US.

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