Are we using only 10% of our brain?

That’s what they tell us don’t they? From scientists at poya day discussions to promoters of brain improvement products to psychics who say they have special abilities. Well this looks like yet another fat lie engineered to fool a whole society. There seems to be no valid scientific evidence to say that there is a vast amount of brain untapped that can be used to do all sorts of supernatural things such as flying and moving objects. In fact it’s believed that 100% of our brain is active even during sleep. There are many research studies available indicating that this 10% usage of the brain is not true. Of course we should be open to the possibility of mind power.Of course it would be amazing. But to say that it’s scientifically proven that we use only 10% of brain is treachery . To me the worst kind is scientists who distribute all kinds of unproven myths. Others are doing at least for financial gain. These unscientific scientists are blinded by their religious faiths so much that they even go to the extent of bombarding the society with unproven myths as scientific evidence. Their mission is not to find the truth, but to justify their religious believes as correct. My fingers are itching to type a name or two but feel like it would be unfair as they would not have the chance to reply.

Evolution is an amazing thing. It would not be reasonable to think that the human brain would be evolved with hidden powers in such a way that only a few individuals could find it. What is the use of it for other people if they can’t find it? Evolution doesn’t work that way. Another valid argument is if we use only 10% of our brain then damaging the rest of the 90% of the brain would have no effects. On the contrary a fraction of a damage to the brain is enough to get you killed.

It is high time for real scientists of Sri Lanka to expose these fake scientists. Every society has myths. America has them. India has them. But in those countries myths are not uncontested. There are many people who are working against blinding the society with myths. In Sri Lanka too we had people in the caliber of Abraham Kovoor. He was a legendary. But Right now our society is not in a very good state. A myth after myth could be created but no one will come forward to challenge them. Come on Sri Lanka you deserve more. You have a 92% literacy rate. Your Government is working towards improving the ICT literacy rate. You have a free education system and a proven University System. It is a shame to see these myths taking over science and common sense. Come on Sri Lanka Let’s march towards a new era of openness and intelligence.


3 responses to “Are we using only 10% of our brain?

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  2. really impressive blog. Sri Lanka should wake up……….

  3. This is very true. Due to the present cost of living, human nutrition in Sri Lanka is declining and most of our future generation will be mutts! This posting adds fuel to the fire really.

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