Sana’s inclusion to the team – Typically Sri Lankan Decision

First Jayasuriya was dropped from the team not because he was the only one who didn’t perform but because he happened to be old. No one performed well in Australia except Sanga and Jaysooriya was dropped from the team becuases Indians beat Australia by a very young team. Now he’s back in the team not because the selection team wanted him but his innings in the IPL had entertained our sports minister. This is not about whether the inclusion of jayasuriya is right or wrong. This is about what is obviously wrong. Political meddling in decision making.

Isn’t this simple? The cricket board maintains a panel of experts to select the cricket team because they are the experts, they monitor the domestic cricket arena and they have a plan for the future. What is the expertise of the sports minister to decide who should be in the team and who is not? Is the sports minister supposed to be an expert of team selection? What’s the meaning of approving the team selected by experts by someone who is not supposed to know about cricket?

We can see this trend everywhere in our country. The president decides which Highway to build over the plans of the RDA. (That’s why we couldn’t build the Katunayake – Colombo highway for 30 years. It is in no one’s political agenda, only in RDA plans). Politicians decide where to build the next international cricket stadium. Ministers decide which films to ban, not by the required authorities. For example the Engineering Faculty of University of Ruhuna was situated not in Matara University premises but in Galle. The Education Minister at that time happened to be Mr. Richard Pathirana who is from Galle. I don’t know whether there were any fair reasons for situating the faculty away from the university. But I guess it should have been done purely because the minister wanted the faculty to be in his district. Apologies if I am wrong.

These things have continued for so long that people think these kinds of meddling are right and are part of the system. People think that it is useless to fight against these kind things and it happens everywhere. It is very frustrating to see people applauding the wrong thing done by the sports minister. It is not enough for the decision to be right. It should be from the right person. What if the sports minister wants another player to the team and another and another? Then people will realize how screwed up this procedure is.


2 responses to “Sana’s inclusion to the team – Typically Sri Lankan Decision

  1. I have to correct you regarding 1 thing. Young Indian team as well as his performance contributed to the dropping him. His average after the wc is abt 15 without a single 50. With strong political backing he has it will be difficult to drop him sake of giving chances to youth in the future as well. Selection should be based on performance to Sanath as well and not his legendary status.

  2. If the current form should be the factor that we have to take in to account , he is in peak form right now.Given that IPL standards are international and 20-20 format is valid to measure someone’s ODI form. Anyway I love watching Sanath batting.And I know many sriLankans will agree upon this.

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