A Sri Lankan is running for an election in United States

Sanje Sedera a Sri Lankan born, is running for the state legislature elections in Nevada, United States. He has moved to US in 1992 and now is a successful businessman in the gambling city, Las Vegas. It is needless to say he is the first Sri Lankan to run for an election in the united states. I don’t know what this State Legislature is. So i don’t know whether the election he’s running is a very important one. Anyway all my best for him to add some more diversity to the USA election map.



3 responses to “A Sri Lankan is running for an election in United States

  1. What would happen if a white man ran for Elections in Sri Lanka?

    Our hamuduruwo and fucking hypocrites will say that they’re trying to take over our homeland.

    A survey in 2005 found out there were only 30% black americans in the United States. But even coming from a minority Obama can run for president.

    It will take forever for us to reach that level.

  2. Kasun Herath

    I think black Americans only account for about 12% of the US population machan.

  3. galle blogger

    in the meantime, here in sl, an american family runs the country……!!!!

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