Why Wimal had to leave – His options

It was very obvious from sometime that there were two factions operating within the JVP. Nationalists represented by Wimal weerawansa and Marxists represented by Lal Kantha and Anura. But I thought Somawansa was also in the same group as wimal and I never ever thought that JVP would be split in this manner.

So why did the JVP have to take this next to unbelievable decision?

  • Wimal weerawansa was becoming a serious liability to the party with his colombo7 type life style and his association with big businesses.
  • His unconditional support for the Rajapaksa government.
  • With his powerful oratory skills and his very appealing personality he was building a support base of his own. The JVP doesn’t have somawansa people or Lal Kantha people, it only has JVP people. But there are some wimal weerawansa people within the JVP.
  • Backing the stances of the patriotic national movement that contradict the stances taken by the JVP (Pillayan drama was only the last one)

Wimal been the champion of conspiracy theories came up with the usual story. The western countries and their agents, with the aim of destroying sri lanka has hatched up a conspiracy to oust him from the JVP. Really either he must be believing that majority of sri lankans are dumb asses to believe such a comical theory or the poor guy must be living in a fantasy world. When you are a conspirator yourself, you tend to believe that everyone and everything is a conspiracy.

So what are his options now? He could declare that as a true patriot he would support the government in this critical situation and take up a ministerial post in our ever expanding, world record holding cabinet. But this is very unlikely. It is not his type. This man would aim at something bigger.

The next one and the obvious one is to start another political movement. He already has some support base from the patriotic national movement and the ‘Manel Mal’ movement. Maybe the professor of conspiracies who think that the war planes of the LTTE takes off from USA war ships could join him. That is something I’m very concerned about right now. The Tamil Nationalist movement has done enough damage to this country. Sri Lanka cannot afford another ultra right wing Sinhalese nationalist movement right now. It will only create a competition between JVP, JHU, Wimal, sections of the main political parties and drag us into our usual sorry state, where we fight each other distracting us away from our real social and economic problems.


2 responses to “Why Wimal had to leave – His options

  1. The other thing they were afraid of is that if MR managed to get a few more MP’s to jump from the UNP (They keep claiming 10 are ready).. then automatically JVP will become the main opposition.. which would mean WImal the opposition leader..

  2. I hate jvp. It they are janatha vimukthi why they went killing innocent people. If they think they are Janatha vimukthi it’s a begger’s thought. JVP activities inspired tamil youth to take arms. Now country is in a sorry state. They opposed Indian army’s presence in Sri Lanka. Indian army could have easily white washed LTTE from Sri Lanaka.

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